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"Daniel in Babylon"

Scenes from "Tyndale's Dream" - a Comedy of Sorts by John Stuart Anderson

   - a lyric drama with music

Music by Francis Jackson - Drama by John Stuart Anderson

Speaker: John Stuart Anderson

Organ: Francis Jackson


Joanne Boddison - Anita Wiencelewski - Kathryn Woodruff

Robert Thompson – Quentin Brown


St Peter's Singers

Simon Lindley, director


Scene I –  Who is the man? – Tyndale, the priest

Scene II – Where the road still leads Tyndale must go

Scene III – Gloucestershire! Gloucestershire! County of peace and plenty

Scene IV – Switch the scene from town to sea

Scene V – There is no safety in this place

Scene VI – Move across the water now from Germany to England

Scene VII – To the river now to take the ship


Scene VII (continued) – Tyndale

Scene VIII – God moves in ways more strange than man
Scene IX – Here I stand by the sea, between man and God

Scene X – The clouds are drawing in

Scene XI – Farewell to life! To love farewell!


The acts and scenes listed above are those of the musical work "A Time of Fire".

John Stuart Anderson's play "Tyndale"  is cast within three acts, the boundaries of which do not necessarily coincide with the movements of Dr Jackson's music. Natural subdivsions also occur during the course of the scenes here delineated,  especially at points where the spoken voice is heard solo and not underpinned by the musical score.

The text booklet with the  recording contains the stanzas sung by the choir and soloists.

The full text is to be found in the published vocal score to "A Time of Fire" (Banks Music Publications)

and the complete play "Tyndale – a comedy of sorts" is published by J Garnet Miller.

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