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With such a range of interests and activities this is quite a diverse site and it is intended that articles will be added regularly.  Further articles are planned over the coming months.

If you would like to be advised of new articles on the site please e-mail webmaster@simonlindley.org.uk and we will gladly add you to the mailing list

"Engagements" is updated regularly with details of concerts, recitals and other events.

Recordings should all be available from good music shops but in case of difficulties you can obtain these direct from Simon Lindley: e-mail for details.

Links have all been checked at the time of publication. You are very welcome to add a link here from your own site and an e-mail to webmaster@simonlindley.org.uk would be appreciated if you do so. Please use the same address for technical queries relating to the site and to suggest possible additional pages and additional sites for links.

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